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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Inside a Financial Education Teacher Training

50 Washington K-12 educators attended the two day summer Financial Education Public Private Partnership teacher training this past week at the Heathman Lodge in Vancouver.

Day One - Monday
Beginning bright and early on Monday, teachers were split up into working groups by grade level and were introduced to the Financial Fitness for Life curriculum (  Each participant was given both teacher and student copies of the curriculum to take back to their classrooms.

After a short break, the teachers attended sessions designed to increase their own personal financial knowledge. Topics such as earning an income, credit, and identity theft were offered. After each session, the educators regrouped with their working groups to discuss and plan how they could work the information they just learned into the classroom.

To end the day, participants heard from several financial educators on incorporating financial education into classroom.

Day Two - Tuesday
Day two started with a session on saving and investing presented by DFI staff. The presentation focused heavily on the concept of the time value of money. Teachers were given several ideas on how to talk to their students about the power of compound interest.

DFI's Linda Jekel discusses saving and investing

Shortly after learning the basics of saving and investing, the group was able to test their knowledge with an introduction to the stock market game. The popular game allows individuals to invest fake money in a game that follows real stock performances.

The afternoon featured more fun as attendees were introduced to Financial Football ( and had a chance to participate in a Financial Reality Fair (pdf) conducted by Washington credit unions.

Playing Financial Football

The two day seminar closed with more seminars on how to incorporate financial education into the classroom and some light networking.

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