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Friday, July 11, 2014

Financial Education Apps for the Classroom

Two weeks ago at the Financial Education Public Private Partnership teacher training in Bremerton, I had the opportunity to showcase a few apps that can be used in the classroom for financial education.

There are plenty of apps out there that can be used to supplement financial education topics. Finding the right one depends on what you are teaching and your audience.

Below are a few of my favorite that can be found for free on iTunes.

Plan it Prom
Developed by VISA,  Plan it Prom is a prom planning and budgeting app for students and parents. The app features a prom count down, timeline, budget calculator and budget health meter into a layout that is fun and easy to use.
The app helps you find new and used cars for sale near you. Students can use the app’s finance calculators to get a real taste for how financing works and how to budget appropriately for a major purchase.

Thrive n Shine
Thrive n Shine is a free game that challenges users to create a character, master a craft, and earn money through games and challenges. Students will encounter lessons such as budgeting, saving and earning money.

Financial Education Videos on YouTube
DFI has published a playlist of financial education videos to our YouTube channel. Videos including financial advice and lessons from other students, money success stories, and complex topics explained in simple terms. Visit the YouTube playlist at