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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Script for Stopping Telemarketers

You sit down for dinner and then the phone rings: “Hello my name is James and I’m with….” Another telemarketing call.

Even if you have registered your phone number on the registry list, you are still likely to receive calls.

Certain companies such as charitable organizations, survey companies, and companies whom you have an established business relationship with are exempt from the Do Not Call Registry list.

That’s why it is a good idea to have a simple go to script to decline a telemarketing call if you are not interested in the pitch. The shorter and simpler the script, the better.

Sample Script:
“Sir/madam thanks but I’m not interested. Please add me to your internal do not call list.” [click]

The Internal Do Not Call List
Having a simple script will get you off the phone quickly and it’s a good idea to ask to be added to the company’s internal do not call list.

All companies are required to maintain an internal do not call list. That company must honor that consumer's request.

Having a simple script is also a good way to get off the phone if you feel like the caller is a scammer. It’s best not to talk to them and simply get off the phone.
Time to develop your script.