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Friday, September 6, 2013

Financial Football Tests Your Financial Knowledge

You may be able to manage an impressive fantasy football team, but can you dominate in the world of financial football?

Find out by playing Visa’s free financial football game. The game tests both your money know-how and football strategies in a fun, educational way.

Game Play
After the coin toss and kickoff, players compete by answering financial questions to earn yardage and reach for the end zone. Play as a single player, or go head to head against others to test your financial skills.

For example, during my single player game of the Seahawks vs Raiders, my correct answer to a question about net worth yielded an 8 yard loss for the Raiders. The Seahawks defense is just as good in financial football as it is on the real gridiron.

Financial Football in the Classroom
The game is also being played across Washington middle and high school classrooms. In a popular group activity, teams are formed and students answer financial questions to try and best their opponents.

Visa offers activities and lessons for teachers who are interested in brining financial football into the classroom.

Financial Football Resources for Educators

Play Financial Football