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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Traveling This Summer? Protect Your Financial Accounts While You Are Away

Hitting the road for a summer vacation? Before you head out the door, here a few things you should do to protect your financial accounts while out of town.

Only Carry the Cards You Will Be Using on Your Trip
Lighten your wallet and carry only the debit/credit cards you plan to use on the trip. That way if you lose your wallet, you reduce your exposure risk.

Be Wary of Fraudulent ATMs
When traveling out of town, be wary of using ATMs that look a little sketchy. If something doesn’t look right, use another ATM. There have been recent incidents where thieves have installed skimming devices on public ATM machines. It’s also a good idea to shield your PIN code when using a public ATM.

Let Your Credit Card Companies Know If You’re Traveling Overseas
If you are traveling abroad let your bank and credit card companies know. They’ll put a note on your account that you’re traveling abroad. Failing to notify your bank or credit card company may result in your card being declined while attempting to make a purchase overseas.

Review Your Purchases When You Get Back
When you get back from your trip, check your account statements to verify that the purchases are correct. If you suspect a fraudulent charge, contact your bank or credit card company right away.