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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Don't Be Fooled By an ATM Skimmer - Tips On How to Protect Yourself

Nearly 90% of consumers surveyed in a recent poll by Wincor Nixdorf said they were unfamiliar with ATM skimming, indicating a need for education.

ATM Skimming - Defined
An ATM skimmer is a device attached to an ATM machine, or a fraudulent ATM machine altogether, used to illegally collect data from the magnetic stripe of your credit, debit, or ATM card.

The information, once copied, can be used by identity thieves to make purchases or withdraw cash from your bank account.

These camouflaged devices have been installed on bank ATM machines, gas station payment machines, and cash withdrawal machines at other public venues.

There have even been cases where thieves who are employees of restaurants and other businesses have used pocket skimming devices behind the counter.

Tips On How to Protect Yourself
  • Look for changes to your ATM machine
  • Cover keypad as you enter PIN
  • If something looks suspicious, find another ATM
  • If a machine “eats” your card. Report it to your bank immediately.
  • Monitor your bank and credit accounts and immediately report any signs of fraud
Pictures of Skimming Devices

Thief installs skimming device over ATM

Does this look  suspicious?