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Monday, June 1, 2009

Fighting Fraud 101 – Smart Tips For Older Investors

Here’s a free investment fraud pamphlet from FINRA, AARP, and DFI . The pamphlet is geared towards older investors, but is a great resource for any investor.

Why are fraudsters targeting seniors who are nearing or already in retirement? Simple. Fraudsters tend to go to where the money is.

If you are thinking about investing, please do your research first. Research the investment, research common types of fraud, and research the background of the investment professional you are working with.

Fighting Fraud 101 is a great place to start. If you know someone who is thinking about investing, forward this resource to them.

What’s In Fighting Fraud 101?
  • Do You Fit The Profile Of A Typical Fraud Victim?
  • Common Tactics Fraudsters Use, And How To Spot Them
  • How You Can Protect Yourself From Investment Fraud
  • Questions To Ask Before You Invest
  • How To Check The Background Of An Investment Professional
  • What To Do If You Think You Are A Victim
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